SFK: General Information (en)

Foreign Language and Culture Studies

(trans. Studia filologiczno-kulturoznawcze; SFK)

SFK is a multilingual, four-year BA program of the Faculty of Modern Languages.

It was created in cooperation with 5 institutes

It includes 6 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

SFK studies respond to the market trend that there is a growing need of the knowledge of at least two foreign languages. The study program offers two chosen languages up to C1 level and the third language to at least B1 level.

But SFK program entails much more than just language courses, since European markets require much more than just linguistic competences. That is why SFK offers the knowledge of culture of the chosen areas, and gives the skills necessary to intercultural communication, such as the knowledge of the diplomatic code.

SFK has philological identity, i.e. it offers the knowledge of literature and languages of the chosen language areas, but at the same time, it has cultural indentity, because tthe program focuses on various aspects of culture, anthropology, and the influence of culture on language.

What is important, SFK courses train analytical and creative thinking, since they offer classes on comparative studies, whose goal is to compare the literature and culture of various countries. The very BA thesis is required to be of a comparative nature.

To sum up, SFK is an excpetional program of joint language programs, anchored both in literary and culture studies. It places great emphasis on comparative studies, which promote analytical and creative thinking, and the intercultural communication, essential to European markets.



The students choose 2 languages and corresponding literature and culture courses, which all comprise philological minima (see the file below).

Importantly, SFK program enables the choice of various language combinations (English and French, English and German, German and Italian, Spanish and French, etc.).

Students also participate in specific SFK Courses, designed especially for their program, which ensure that students receive a comparable knowledge and competences irrespective of the chosen language combinations.



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